Senpai’s Top Summer Anime’s!

If my header doesn’t grab your attention … then I have failed! With summer anime’s starting to come to an end, it is time to discuss my personal favorite summer anime’s, and anime’s that I will binge watch. I am the kind of anime watcher who usually waits for the season to be done, and then watches it … usually in a day or two if I don’t have to adult. Before I proceed with this blog make sure to check out my blog post, “One Punch Man vs Superman” I would love to hear your guys thoughts!

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Goblin Slayer Special Preview

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With October creeping right up Goblin Slayer will soon air before we know it! Personally this is one of the anime’s on my fall anime list that I will be for sure watching. the manga has an awesome story line with some amazing characters. If you haven’t read Goblin Slayer the manga, and your looking for something with an engaging plot … I highly recommend Goblin Slayer with all of my heart. Which is weird, because this manga does have it’s fair share of sexual content ( I really don’t care for it), but I was able to over come that, because of the awesome story line.


You guys should know my speech by now, but just in case you are new, and don’t let me warn you now. This special preview of Goblin Slayer will contain spoilers about the manga/upcoming anime. I would suggest reading the manga first if you are not a fan of spoilers. My dudes let’s not forget that plagiarism is so uncool … so I will be sure to source anything that did not come from my mouth.

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