Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far?

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Have you ever watched an anime that you just can’t get enough of. It is so good you never want it to end, because you feel like you would be lost without it. The anime is so amazing even if it has one season you end up re-watching it several times just because you enjoyed the story, characters, and animation that much. This is how I feel when I watched A Certain Scientific Railgun also known as Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.


Please note the following, this blog will contain spoilers from this point on. I suggest if you haven’t watched the anime that you watch it first before proceeding to read this blog post. I will be sure to source out any information that does not come from my mouth for plagiarism is a big no no!

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Oddball Animes, and Manga

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Sure a good mainstream anime, or manga like One piece, Dragon ball series, MHA, and Naruto are all great anime’s to watch, and fun to read. But what about the oddball anime, or manga that you don’t really hear about? I am talking about the anime, and manga that you accidentally stumble upon while browsing the web … or may see in a suggestion list if you are lucky. Well fear not, for I am here to list out some of those oddball anime’s, or manga’s that you may, or may not find interesting.

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