Parasites?! NO Parasyte -The Maxim- Anime Breakdown!

Hey guys senpai back with another great anime breakdown for you. Today anime I will be discussing is called … drum roll please! Parasyte -The Maxim- done by Madhouse studios, this anime has 24 episodes, each episode is about 24 wonderful minutes long. This anime will surely have your emotions all over the place. In this lovely breakdown I will talk about the following topics, the plot, characters, animation, and of course give my overall thoughts, because I know you guys just love hearing me blabber on.Image result for parasyte the maximPlease proceed with caution! For this breakdown will contain spoilers. Senpai recommends watching the anime before reading this breakdown if you are not a fan of spoilers. Understand this breakdown is my opinion of the anime, meaning your opinion may, or may not vary, but dudes that is totally cool with me. If it didn’t come out my mouth I will be sure to source the information provided for plagiarism is LAME!

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