Violet Evergarden Anime Breakdown

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Yo what’s up everyone! I just want to say this is the most I have ever stuck with blogging on wordpress … I blog on amino, but even then it isn’t everyday. On a super serious note I am going to do an anime breakdown on Violet Evergarden. Let me just tell you this anime had me an emotional mess! In this breakdown I will talk about the freaking plot of course, the gosh darn it characters, and the oh so majestic animation … I think those will be the headers for each section to lmao. I will of course give my overall thoughts on the anime itself.


Alright you maniacs listens up the following breakdown will contain spoilers! Gotta problem with that?!?! ya do hey ! Well I suggest you watch the anime first you spoiler hater … wait I ain’t done yet.  I don’t do plagiarism because that shit is whack yo so I will make sure I source anything that doesn’t come from my mouth, and if you were able read that without cringing … I give you props.

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