Day 5: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Favorite Manga Genre?

Manga has a hefty amount of genres to choose from. Maybe you are tired of reading action filled manga, and need something different like a horror manga, or maybe a good mystery to keep you on edge. At the end of the day we all have that one, or two genres we fall back to. For me that genre is yuri, and shoujo ai.

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Day 4: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Best Manga Author?

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Manga is a lot of fun to read for it opens up your imagination to endless possibilities. However, rather it be a book, or a manga we all have that one, or two authors that really stick with us! In this awesome blog post I am going to talk about three of my top manga authors. The following three authors that will be mentioned are Makoto Fukami, Moto Momono, and Haru Akiyama!

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Day 1 of The 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … List 3 Favorite Anime’s

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Anime, anime, anime I just can’t get enough anime my dudes. There are so many amazing anime that I don’t even know where to start! The choices are never ending when it comes to picking THREE favorite anime, but after scrambling around in my brain I have made my decision.  I decided I would list out my top three favorite anime which are, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, My Hero Academia, and Violet Evergarden. I was going to say A Certain Scientific Railgun, but I already talk about it in my blog post called Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far? .


Tread carefully my friends, because from this point on this blog post will contain spoilers, and I know not everyone is a fan of spoilers. I highly recommend checking out each of the anime’s I have mentioned above before reading this blog.  Let us not forget that plagiarism is a big no no my friends. With that in mind I will be sure to source out any information that did not come from my mouth.

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Luna Senpai 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge!?!?! NANI!?!


Senpai here with a new challenge to present to you my fellow anime, and manga fans. I have seen a lot of cool challenges on the inter web that look like a lot of fun, but I thought it would be way more fun to do my own challenge! With that being said ladies, and gentlemen I present to you … Luna Senpai 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge!

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