Day 5: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Favorite Manga Genre?

Manga has a hefty amount of genres to choose from. Maybe you are tired of reading action filled manga, and need something different like a horror manga, or maybe a good mystery to keep you on edge. At the end of the day we all have that one, or two genres we fall back to. For me that genre is yuri, and shoujo ai.

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Day 4: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Best Manga Author?

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Manga is a lot of fun to read for it opens up your imagination to endless possibilities. However, rather it be a book, or a manga we all have that one, or two authors that really stick with us! In this awesome blog post I am going to talk about three of my top manga authors. The following three authors that will be mentioned are Makoto Fukami, Moto Momono, and Haru Akiyama!

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One Punch Man vs Superman?

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What if One Punch Man, and the Superman fought to the death? Who do you think would win such an epic fight? Picture this … One Punch Man, and Superman are both transported to an indestructible planet to fight to the death. Neither one of the heroes know a thing about each other, but they are both tricked into thinking one is a bad guy. Who would you be rooting for, and why? Do you think these two heroes are a fair match up? Well let’s talk about it!

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Day 3: Anime & Manga Challenge … What Do You Prefer Anime, or Manga?

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As I sit, and jam out to some heavy metal I thought to myself … What do I prefer more of? Anime or Manga? In this oh so lovely blog post I am going to talk about why I prefer both anime, and manga. This is due to me being indecisive, and not being able to pick one … so why not pick both! Both offer such variety it is hard not to fall in love with both anime, and manga. Ever since I discover anime, and manga my life has changed for the better. Struggling with ADHD, anxiety, and depression, I needed something to help get me back up onto my feet at times. Anime, and manga were the magic I needed in my life.

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Kakegurui … Another Season?!

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The anime industry has brought us a variety of “game” type anime’s , SAO, Accel World, Log Horizon, Btooom!. To be frank it is getting to the point that game anime’s are becoming so overplayed that they are starting to become a little mundane. Kakegurui, which aired July 1st, 2017 during the summer. This anime may be a game anime, but it definitely had a different vibe to it in my opinion. With 12 episodes each being about 24 minutes long be ready for psychological mind-screw to the brain. I personally believe this anime excel, and surpass other game like anime’s, because of it different approach. In this blog I am going to give you a quick little breakdown of the anime/manga. Why?! Because this is all a build up to some pretty big news that some of you may, or may not know

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Day 2: Anime & Manga 30 day challenge …List Three Favorite Manga’s

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As a kid I always had a fascination with comics. It wasn’t until I was a about 12 years old when I discovered manga … I remember thinking to myself how interesting, and different. Manga immediately capture my eyes due to how different it was from the standard American comic book. 12 year old me thought wow how cool you read this book starting from the back. I remember what grab my attention the most about manga was how visual they are compared to comics, and not as many words. Someone with ADHD this is a plus … since my focus is like a fly. I felt like a whole new world had open up to me that day in the book store.

 Enough of me rambling … what three manga’s have I chosen for the 30 day challenge you may be wondering? Huehue well I am glad you ask! The following three manga’s I chose are, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka , and RWBY: Official Manga Anthology. In this blog post I will discuss why these three manga’s are my favorite, and give you a mini breakdown of each manga.


Hey guys, just want to give my current readers, and new readers a heads up. From this point on this blog post will contain spoilers. If you are not a fan of spoilers I suggest checking out the manga’s first … I did link them if you would like to purchase them. As always I will be sure to source anything that didn’t come from my mouth for plagiarism is whack like crack.

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My Hero Academia VS Modern Western Comics/Shows

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With season three of My Hero Academia already airing, anime fans are thrilled for all the right reasons. My Hero Academia has surely crawled its way to the top without a doubt. I have for a while thought long, and hard about comparing My Hero Academia to American comics/shows. For a while I didn’t really know how to put my thoughts into words, but I think I finally understand why My Hero Academia trumps big name industries like Marvel, and DC … The anime is genuine, and not filled with politics.

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