Let’s Play Catch Up!

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Hey guys, it’s your friendly senpai back, and ready for action. However, you’re probably wondering what happen to me. Well I will talk about that, but first I want to thank everyone who is still following my blog, and thank all my new followers. I really appreciate that you enjoy my blog content that much to follow me. It truly means the world to me, and I hope to continue to impress you guys with my blog content. Let’s talk about what happened, and what I have planned for some up coming blogs. This blog post will be a bit off topic from what I normally post.

senpai what happened

A lot happened regarding my mental health. I already knew I suffered for Adhd, anxiety, and what I thought was simply depression, but something still wasn’t right. Something about me still felt off. It seemed no medication would properly work for me without causing some wild side effect.

I can’t begin to tell you how many anti-depressants my doctor had me try. He finally gave up on the anti-depressants , and put me on an anti-psychotic called abilify, along with adderall which is a stimulant for ADHD. This combination seem to work pretty well, but something was still off.

I would have these highs that made me feel invincible. My ego was big, and I would go on these crazy spending sprees. Buying big items I really couldn’t afford. Applying for multiple credit cards, just to give me an even greater high. However, once this grandiose feeling was gone … depression creep in. I lost interest in everything I was doing. This high feeling, and depression was an ongoing cycle. May I add this high grandiose feeling that would occur wasn’t your typical feeling good mood.

It wasn’t until we try to up the abilify to a higher dose that my doctor realized I may be bipolar. See when we up the abilify I went into what I believe is called bipolar mania/manic. I stayed up for 4 days straight with barely any sleep. Spending crazy amount money. I once again felt very awesome, and not even tired, but irritated, paranoid, and all over the place… a feeling I was familiar with. I just knew this wasn’t normal.

Immediately once my doctor suggested I go see a psychiatrist. In which I took his advice. Upon my psychiatrist visit I learned the something not quit right was indeed bipolar. Everything begin to make total since. The highs, and low that would send me into complete chaos became clear. Yes I have bipolar co-morbid ( I think that is the correct term) ADHD, anxiety. Though I do not let my mental illness define me, even if I struggle at times to not relapse. I am now on a mood stabilizer called lamictal, along with adderall, and abilify. A combination that has been working well for me.

I am on the right track, and that to me is awesome, because I feel somewhat close to normal. I see a therapist regularly, and still visit my psychiatrist to make sure everything checks out. I had to take a break from this blog to really work on myself, and I hope everyone can understand that.

What does that mean for this blog? What plans do I have for upcoming blog post? How often will I be posting? These are all valid questions my anime/manga friends!

What does this mean for this blog?

Well as you can see I surely haven’t given up. I do have a love for anime/manga. This may sound surprising, but I do have some long term, and short term goals for this blog that I hope to accomplish.

What plans do I have for upcoming post?

I am surely not someone who stays on top of new anime that comes out. What do I mean by that statement? I usually wait for the anime to completely finish, and then binge watch as many episodes as I possible can lmao! However, I would like to do anime/manga reviews, a monthly update on what to expect in the anime/manga world, character ships, and much more. My blog isn’t unique, and there are far more amazing anime blogs than mine, but I sure will try my best to provide quality blog post.

How often will you be posting?

I would like two try and post twice a week, or at least once week on a Monday, and possibly Thursday if I can. I think I overwhelmed myself with this crazy idea that I have to post everyday! Meaning the 30 day challenge I left unfinished we will be done in a weekly manner. My mental health will always come first. If that means I am late posting a blog … well than I am late posting a blog. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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