Day 8: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Your Very First Manga You Read

Honestly guys I can’t really remember the very first manga I read, because it has been years since I started reading manga, but I want to say it was “Princess Resurrection”or “Kaibutsu Oujo”.  Man does this manga bring back memories. 12 year old me thought this was the greatest manga to ever exist. I mean what kid wouldn’t think a manga filled with werewolves, demons, monsters, vampires, and a bad ass princess isn’t cool! Princess Resurrection by Yasunori Mitsunaga is also known for other great manga series like, Kako to Nise Tantei,  Tama Kick, and many more.

Princess Resurrection has a total of 20 volumes, and began publication June 25th, 2005 through February 26 2013. No I have not read all 20 volumes, and to be honest I couldn’t tell you what volume number I was on. If I was to do a review on this series I would need to re-read the series to be frank. However, I will pull something out of my ass, and make this an awesome blog post.

From a 12 year old perspective

Image result for princess resurrectionYou know as a kid I always had fascination with books in general, but reading for me was a bit difficult due to not being able to focus on the book in front of me. At the time I didn’t know this was because of ADHD … I thought this was just apart of being a kid. So did everyone else.  That’s beside the point! My point for bringing that up is … manga makes reading easier, and more invigorating. Why is that? Simply because you don’t need to focus a whole lot to understand what is going on. Less words equals less confusion for me.

When I first got my hands on Princess Resurrection I simply couldn’t contain my excitement. I remember sitting in the car instantly reading my very first manga. My parents smiled, and slightly giggled at my action, but were happy that I was very pleased.

Image result for princess resurrection manga

Thinking back I remember telling my parents that I thought the art was really cool. I am currently looking through the manga as I write this.  Dudes I had pretty good taste for a 12 year old kid. The art is simple, but detailed at the same time. Now there are times that the art is pretty sloppy ( like the characters), but overall the art is decent. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. If I was to start reading this series again I wouldn’t dismiss it because of the art.

Personally this is a great beginner manga for someone to read. The story was super easy to follow. Basically we have a bad ass princess who ready to kick some evil forces ass. The princess fights off evil with a fucking chainsaw dude! She does all this while she is smiling … a bit morbid if you ask me. One lovely day a boy name Hiro is on a mission. When I say mission he is following a note that ends up leading him to a deserted mansion. Disappointed, Hiro decides to search for his sister when things suddenly go south. A van loosing control, and a princess suddenly appearing …. Hiro normal everyday life changes in a blink of an eye.

I don’t really remember there being a dull moment while reading Princess Resurrection, but again I was 12. I remember feeling psyched, captivated, and entice by the story being told in this manga. It was honestly an awesome feeling, and a feeling I will never forget.  Though I enjoyed the manga a lot as a kid I feel like I may not enjoy it as much as an adult. I say this because I have been taking breaks in between writing this blog post, and reading some of the series to get a feel for it. The plot is actually a little flat, but this could be due to the fact that they introducing the characters, and still forming the upcoming plot. None the less if you don’t mind your kids reading a manga with gore in it lol .. I say more power to you. You are a cool parent in my book! I do see the potential this manga could have even if it does have a rocky start in the first few chapters. Image result for princess resurrection manga

All I know is as a kid I really loved reading Princess Resurrection. I am really starting to see that I wasn’t that much of a normal girl lmao. I am starting to see how cool beans I really was. Most girls my age like the basic princesses … me on the other hand like the bad ass princess lmao. On that note guys, thank you for reading this short little blog. If you are interested in participating in my 30 day challenge see link below!

30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge

Right on dude! Have a kick ass day, and stay tuned for more awesome post like this. Be sure to comment below the very first manga you ever read. What kind of impact did it have on you? Is it a manga you would re-read? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Day 8: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Your Very First Manga You Read

  1. I can’t remember between JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 1: Phantom Blood, or Annarasumanara which one I read first. Jojo Phantom Blood is something I likely wouldn’t re-read because I find the anime so much more entertaining. It did get me into Jojo, and had a greater appreciation for it once I finished Stardust Crusader to see how exactly it influence the Persona series.

    Annarasumanara on the other hand I wouldn’t mind re-reading since I do recall liking it a lot. Both manga got into reading manga for a little bit. Manga isn’t easy for me to get into since a lot stuff I’m interested in reading like Sangokushi is very lengthy. Other times the manga, like 17-sai. simply misses the mark for me. It’s rare for me to find a manga that gets me completely hooked.

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