Day 7: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Name An Anime You Just Can’t Stand!

I really try not to hate on anime’s to much, because I feel like each anime can be enjoyable in it’s own way. Though you may not like certain aspects of the anime, there are aspects of it you may find that you enjoy. However, it is impossible to like every anime you watch. I have never met a single person who doesn’t have a few anime’s they just can’t stand. I am going to make Black Clover by Yuki Tabata my example since I already talk about my dislike for Asta in my previous post called, “Day 6: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Least Favorite Anime Character?

What do I like about Black Clover?

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Now granted I haven’t watch much of Black Clover, but since yesterday I manage to watch at least 10 episodes. I figured I couldn’t bad mouth, or good mouth an anime without at least watching a decent amount of the series … though 10 episode isn’t a lot. However, while I watched those 10 episodes I made notes of what I liked, and dislike. I even went as far as watching each opening theme songs, and each closing theme songs Black clover has available. With this in mind … this is what I enjoyed about the anime.

The artwork is actually really well done in my opinion. I know some people have trashed the art style, but I think the art style all flows well together.  The art style had a very unique vibe to it. The color palette they used for the animation was a good choice.   It has a lot of grays, and greens which gave the anime a swampy kind of feel to it. I thought that was really cool.  The character designs were well done, and exciting to look at it. I feel like they did a good job at matching each characters personality somewhat!

As for the soundtracks it is alright … I really enjoyed the opening theme song by by Koda Kumi – ” Guess Who Back” it was a lot of fun, and very upbeat rock style song that I can get down with. Even the visuals fit very well with the music as it played.

What did you dislike about the anime?

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I have mentioned this before, but the characters really have an impact on rather i’ll enjoy the anime, or not. After watching a whole whopping 10 episodes I found myself thinking what do I like about the characters before me? can I relate to any of the characters? Besides the character designs being good … the characters lack. They weren’t original in any sort of way. I mean that isn’t a bad thing, but me personally I was looking for characters who stood out, and haven’t been done before. I haven’t gotten that from Black Clover yet.

Not only do the characters lack, but god is the voice acting horrible. What were they thinking? All Asta ever does is scream, and yell in a very annoying voice! lol I was just thinking … I wonder if the dub version is any better when it comes to voice acting LMAO!

To be honest, I so far feel like this is a poorly executed shounen. Black Clover gives off a Naruto vibe, but it isn’t as good as Naruto. The story line is really cliche, and not very interesting at all. While I was watching Black Clover I would catch myself getting distracted, and doing other things. Black Clover just doesn’t grab my attention long enough for me to care. I am sure the anime has it good moments, but come on I am 10 episodes in, and I am bored. Which is really sad, because I love anime’s that have a magic theme to it. They are usually really fun, and exciting to watch.

Over all thoughts!

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My Goal is to make it to at least episode 20 to give Black Clover a fighting chance! However, I won’t make any promises due to how annoyed I get with Asta the main character of the series. I will probably check out the manga if I don’t make it to episode 20 lol. I feel like like Black Clover could of been done better in many ways. The anime is far from being an original, but hey I am not knocking you if you like the series. For me personally I enjoy anime’s with a enthralling plot, and intriguing characters. Black clover lacks both. The anime would probably be a lot more enjoyable, and bearable if the main characters wasn’t so damn aggravating.

Have you watched Black Clover? If so what is your opinion on the series? Is this an anime you just can’t stand? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you guys for reading this short little blog! I hope you enjoyed it, and will come back for more … why because you think I am awesome ! Pfft it was worth a shot!



6 thoughts on “Day 7: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Name An Anime You Just Can’t Stand!

  1. I’m around 15 episodes into Black Clover, and I think it’s alright. To much of been there done that feeling to it that I get with a lot of recent shounen anime. What makes Black Clover more tolerable for me than something like My Hero Academia is that Black Clover keeps it simple (so far), and doesn’t bite off more than it could chew. While the story is lacking at least it attempts to provide some eccentric characters to follow. Although, I’m getting tire of the “Filthy commoners” type villains in Black Clover because that shtick is getting old quickly in it.

    For me, it might sound blasphemous for some, but I can’t stand My Hero Academia season 1! Ugh, to give you an idea of my issue with it I made quick notes on the first episode of season 1. By the end of episode 1 I ended up with five pages worth of complaints just for episode 1. The other episodes didn’t fare much better either.

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