Day 6: 30 Day Anime & Manga Challenge … Least Favorite Anime Character?

Day 6 of the anime, and manga challenge and I must say I am pretty proud of myself. I am usually not one to stick with challenges this long … trust me 6 days is long for me haha. Enough of me rambling let’s get down to the challenge!

I always say characters make the anime, and I truly believe it is true. When you have awesome characters the rest of the anime seems to flow well for the most part. However, a badly done character can throw off an anime’s flow. It can honestly make an anime less appealing. Definitely if the badly done character is the main character. For this challenge I am going to talk about three anime characters I am not very fond of.

Asta From Black Clover

Image result for Asta black clover

“My magic is never giving up!!!!”-Asta

I stopped watching Black Clover, because of this guy. My god he so fucking obnoxious it isn’t even funny, or cute. Just simply annoying! I swear all he ever did was scream 99% of the time. Like why? Why would you make a character scream all the time … it isn’t enjoyable. Plus his voice itself isn’t very pleasant … so with the combination of an annoying voice, and non stop screaming I simply just couldn’t do it.

About Asta: So Since I didn’t watch that many episodes of Black Clover due to this annoying character. I am going to summarize information from Wiki Fandom. I read the wiki, about Asta, and about fell over when I read the first sentence …  “Asta generally is cheerful and hyperactive.” They forgot annoying, but I will forgive them lol.

So I suppose Asta is an alright guy if you can get over his voice, and screaming. Asta is a very strong willed young man who is determined to reach his goals no matter what. Though the way he expresses himself is overbearing the dude means well. Asta is often viewed as friendly, non judgmental, stubbornness, and his unshakable will has earned the dude mad respect from almost everyone he meets.

Kamijou Touma From Index

Image result for Kamijou Touma

I don’t need a reason to save someone.―Kamijou Touma

I discovered why I do not like Touma from Index … he is painfully generic, and down right boring in my eyes. I don’t think the author is invested in Touma, because Index has so many damn characters to keep track off. It is really sad when a side character outshines the main character. For example, Misaka is a total bad ass that easily captivated the fans, where as Touma left you half falling asleep. I don’t know I think the author could of done a better job.

About Touma: This dude is the type of person who acts before he thinks. Meaning Touma doesn’t just sit around when action is needed to be taken. However, I find that to be a bit problematic. Sometimes jumping into a situation isn’t always a smart thing to do. Because Touma tacts before he thinks he often finds himself injured, and in the hospital. Due to memory loss Touma doesn’t let is phase him to much, but he is pretty cautious around others.

Touma is often viewed as a well mannered young man who is kind, righteous, and heroic. However, Touma isn’t very good with his words … this often causes him to get in trouble. I want to say he probably relates this to his bad luck he thinks he has.

Katsuki Bakugo From MHA

Image result for my hero academia bakugou

Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.“- Katsuki Bakugo

I honestly have a love hate for Bakugo honestly. Meaning I don’t entirely hate his character, but he does get under my skin at times. I honestly think that is what the author of MHA purpose, was to make Bakugo a character that you love, and hate. His nasty attitude toward deku really irks me to no end. I sometimes feel like he doesn’t want to see Deku succeed, but at the same time I feel like he does.  I like to think he just has a tough way of showing it.

About Bakugo: There is no doubt that Bakugo is very rude, violent, arrogant, and aggressive. He is often viewed as a anti-heroic because of how he acts, and his actions . Though he has improved as MHA as progress … he isn’t as bad! Often in battle Bakugo tens to get brutal, and a bit blood thirsty. His personality truly reflects his fighting style. I even think is explosive quirk suites him very well. Why? Because Bakugo has an explosive personality!

Bakugo is often viewed as cold, aloof, and aggressive . Though he may act this way towards his allies he definitely is able to differ his allies from his foes. Believe it or not he treats his allies way better than he does his enemies. Bakugo is a tad bit cocky when it comes to his quirk. I think this is because he was always praised for how amazing his quirk was since he was a small child. His cockiness, and pride  however has gotten him into trouble on many occasions.

Image result for railgun anime

 An anime has to catch the viewer’s attention, and sustain it. They do this using various tactics however, the anime characters have a huge impact on rather someone will keep on watching that particular series or not. Now I am not saying this true for everyone, but for the most people characters make, or break the anime. Characters bring life to an anime series. They make the series intriguing along with the plot. So what with that in mind, what helps you decide rather or not you will watch a certain anime series? Do you have any anime characters you dislike? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

If you enjoyed reading this blog, and is interested in participating this the 30 day anime and manga challenge. Please be sure to check out my post, “Luna Senpai 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge!?!?! NANI!?!” Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post. It means the world to me!



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