My Hero Academia VS Modern Western Comics/Shows

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With season three of My Hero Academia already airing, anime fans are thrilled for all the right reasons. My Hero Academia has surely crawled its way to the top without a doubt. I have for a while thought long, and hard about comparing My Hero Academia to American comics/shows. For a while I didn’t really know how to put my thoughts into words, but I think I finally understand why My Hero Academia trumps big name industries like Marvel, and DC … The anime is genuine, and not filled with politics.

Now I am not saying Marvel, and DC don’t have comics with genuine characters, story line, and so forth.  However, they do not do as good of a job like My Hero Academia does. Your probably wondering what do I mean by this … well let me explain.

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Heroes being heroes, free of the politics of comic books….

Back in the day comic books, and even shows like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Green Lantern the animated series, and Spectacular Spider-man are just a few series that weren’t so heavily relied on politics. Modern day comics seem to have pick up this nasty taste for political rhetoric that I personally do not care for. I want to read a comic or watch a show for the enjoyment not the politics.

I think a good example is the Secret Empire storyline with Captain America. The story depicts the highest office in the USA I believe being “corrupted ” basically illustrating it as the upmost evil there is … Hmm I wonder.Image result for my hero academia vs dc

My Hero Academia is what Marvel, and DC once use to be back in the good old days…

You still don’t understand why My Hero Academia has a genuine feel to it? Let’s talk All Might, and Deku (Izuku) both characters have been written to give have an earnest, yet honest feeling to them. For example, you don’t just believe in what All Might says, but you honestly feel like he could do what he actually says. The emotions All Might gives off may seem goofy at times, but they are strong, and powerful. I can’t be the only one who thinks this. What about Deku ‘s strong emotions , beliefs, fears, and idolization for all the heroes … they feel so damn real, and GENUINE

Another great example is the anti-hero/villain Stain … he kind of reminds me Punisher however, there is a big difference between the two. Stain conviction, ideals, and his actions is what makes him different, and not so cliche. Think about it … if someone was pushed far enough it is believable that they would act the way Stain did. Oh, and did I mention that he is actually beatable? No? Well he is which makes him much more realistic, and believable … given him a genuine feel.

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My Hero Academia faces real life scenarios like abuse, family tragedy, and working hard to become like your idol … they are dealing with with people like problems. The anime isn’t solely all about politics that has taken over modern day comics/shows. As a fan of Marvel, and DC I believe they could learn a thing, or two if they watched, or read MHS series. I hope Marvel, and DC both wake up, and go back to how things use to be … which was genuine. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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