Luna Senpai 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge!?!?! NANI!?!


Senpai here with a new challenge to present to you my fellow anime, and manga fans. I have seen a lot of cool challenges on the inter web that look like a lot of fun, but I thought it would be way more fun to do my own challenge! With that being said ladies, and gentlemen I present to you … Luna Senpai 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge!

  1. List 3 favorite anime’s
  2. List 3 favorite manga’s
  3. What do you prefer anime, or manga
  4. Best manga author
  5. Favorite Manga Genre
  6. Least favorite anime character
  7. Name an anime you just can’t stand
  8. Your very first Manga you read
  9. A manga with a lot of gore
  10. Favorite anime studio
  11. Name a anime that you have watch several times
  12. Name a manga that you have re-read several times
  13. The weirdest manga you have read
  14. The weirdest anime you have watch
  15. An anime that has made you cry
  16. A manga and anime you would like to see more of
  17. Anime and manga character you have a crush on
  18. Saddest anime scene
  19. Worse manga you have ever read
  20. The last manga you read
  21. Current anime you are watching
  22. Current manga you are reading
  23. Favorite manga couple
  24. Favorite anime couple
  25. Guilty pleasure anime
  26. A character from either an anime, or manga you relate to the most
  27. What is the next anime you will watch
  28. What is the next manga you will read
  29. An anime or Manga that you wish was real
  30. If you could create an anime, or manga … what would it be about

Image result for anime and manga headers

I will of course partake in my own challenge … I am usually not good with long challenges like this, but I am going to do my best!  I hope to see other participate as well … if not that is totally cool with me dudes.  Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my lovely little blog post. I hope you come back for more anime, and manga craziness!

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